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Agricultural and sideline products business is one of the important business of the company. Products are mainly including animal feed: fish meal, distiller dried grains with soluble, rapeseed meal, meat and bone meal, chicken powder, etc.;Plant oil: soybean oil, palm oil, rapeseed, sunflower, flax seed and sesame seeds, etc.;Animal fats: tallow oil, etc.Food additives: lactose, whey powder, etc.;Food: soybean, sorghum, etc.; Leather: cowhide, sheepskin, etc;Meat: beef, mutton, and other products.
Hantrong Investment’s agricultural and sideline products business take the bulk trade as basic model, also combined with the different characteristics of operating varieties, make full use of variety of effective means to expand the scale of operation, then quickly formed the comparative advantage.

Tallow Oil
Product Information
Inedible Tallow oil, a kind of fatty acid extracted from bones fat, subcutaneous fat and organs like viscera of flocks and herds, is divided into two categories: one is dietary tallow oil both for people and animals. However, the abundant vegetable oil leads to less consumption of tallow oil.
The other one is industrial tallow oil used in soap-making industry as detergents and daily chemicals. Industrial tallow oil is mainly used as the emulsifier of SBR( styrene butadiene rubber), the soap base of senior soap and intermediate for synthetizing all kinds of surfactants. Besides, it’s also widely used as vulcanizer, heat stabilizer of plastic, lubricant, textile softener, finishing oil, anti-static agent, cosmetics detergents and materials for other surfactants.
Packing and Specification
Inedible Tallow oil is transported in steel drum and special tank truck and stored in oil tank; imported grease is transported in containers or bulk ship.
Free fatty acid ≤4%
TITRE 不得低于40度
Moisture and Impurities ≤1%
Chroma 9-11
Import Volume and Ports
Origins:The United States, Australia and Uruguay. Import volume:200 thousand tons in 2012, 120 thousand tons in 2013 and about 100 thousand tons in 2014. Import ports:Tianjin, Qingdao, Nanjing and Huangpu.
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