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Agricultural products and byproducts business is one of the important business of the company. Products are mainly including animal feed: fish meal, distiller dried grains with soluble, rapeseed meal, meat and bone meal, chicken meal, etc.;Plant oil: soybean oil, palm oil, rapeseed, sunflower seed oil, flax seed and Sesame seeds, etc.;Animal fats: tallow oil, etc.Food additives: lactose, whey powder, etc.;Food: soybean, sorghum, etc.; Leather: cowhide, sheepskin, etc;Meat: beef, mutton, and other products.
Hantrong Investment’s agricultural products and byproducts occupies an important position in Chinese market, is one of the most dynamic business in the company. This business let the bulk trade as basic model, also combined with the different characteristics of operating varieties, make full use of variety of effective means to expand the scale of operation, then quickly formed the comparative advantage. In accordance with the customs statistical data in September 2013, a number of varieties in our company have been came out top in the domestic counterparts. Among them, the whey powder with 10% market occupancy, ranking fifth; DDGS market share of 5%, ranking fifth; Uruguay meat bone meal market share of 45%, ranking the first; Uruguay tallow oil with 100% market share, is the domestic first importer.