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Textile products business is the traditional business of the company, Mainly including textiles: worsted woolen, semi-worsted woolen, woolen fabrics and home textiles;Textile raw material: acrylic, carbon fiber, cotton, wool, aramid fiber, polyester and viscose;Raw material of chemical fiber: ethylene glycol, acrylonitrile, PP, styrene and other products. As the professional service and brand agents be the main form business model, it has set up a professional management team and a relatively stable customer group. Part of the operating varieties such as acrylic, carbon fiber has a large proportion in the market segment.
Chifeng Huayuan Woolen Co., Ltd invested by Hantrong Investment is a famous wool spinning manufacturing base in north China. It is located in Inner Mongolia Chifeng city, it covers an area of 330000 square meters, has construction area of 380000 square meters, own 2500 staffs, has the existing fine woollen scale 25000 ingot and wool knitting yarn 50000 ingot. It annual production capacity of pure woollen fabrics is 5 million meters; produce wool knitting yarn 12000 tons and generate electricity 36 million KWH. It is a large conglomerate which collection of worsted, woolen, weaving yarn and cogeneration. The main products are the highest grade men's clothing, business wear and other fine worsted wool and wool yarn, etc. The company's highest grade men's clothing fabrics occupied a place in the domestic high-end clothing market.