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Vice Chairman Shao Ning Met with Mr. Edward Tse, Chairman of Booz & Company Greater China
Release time : 2012-11-05   Author : Group network
In the afternoon of Nov. 1st, 2012, SASAC Vice Chairman Shao Ning met with Mr. Edward Tse, Chairman of Booz & Company Greater China. Mr. Tse talked about Booz & Company and its cooperation with some Chinese SOEs, especially the central SOEs. He also mentioned the campaign of upgrading management of the central SOEs, which is launched by SASAC. Mr. Shao Ning pointed out that Booz & Company has deep understanding of the central SOEs. The knowledge Booz & Company has got from providing consulting service for enterprises on their management and its advice can be useful for the central SOEs in upgrading management and achieving better development, and for SASAC in improving supervision and administration of the central SOEs. Besides, the two sides exchanged thoughts and views on central SOEs’ innovation management, building of board of directors, etc..
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