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Vice Chairman Shao Ning Met with Mr. Joseph Fuller,Co-founder and CEO of Monitor Group
Release time : 2012-10-31   Author : Group network
On Oct. 9, 2012, SASAC Vice Chairman Shao Ning met with Mr. Joseph Fuller, co-founder and CEO of Monitor Group. Mr. Fuller talked about Monitor Group and its cooperation with some Chinese central SOEs. The two sides exchanged in-depth views and thoughts on Chinese central SOEs’ innovation, globalization, business model, group company’s control, etc.. Mr. Shao Ning pointed out that Monitor Group possesses a group of talent with rich professional background and global vision, and provides consulting services for companies in different countries and regions. Its experience and advice can be used as a source of reference for the reform and development of Chinese central SOEs as well as SASAC’s improvement in supervision and administration of Chinese central SOEs. Mr. Fuller appreciates SASAC’s openness for learning and hopes to maintain favorable cooperative relationship with SASAC and Chinese central SOEs.