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Deputy Secretary-General Guo Jianxin Met with Mr. Julio Portalatin, Global President & CEO of Mercer
Release time : 2012-10-31   Author : Group network
On August 29, 2012, SASAC Deputy Secretary-General Guo Jianxin met with Mr. Julio Portalatin, Global President & CEO of Mercer.

Mr. Portalatin briefed Mr. Guo Jianxin on the development of Mercer business and the cooperation between Mercer and some Chinese central SOEs. Mr. Guo Jianxin talked about what SASAC and Chinese central SOEs had done in HR management and talent fostering ever since China’ s reform and opening up as well as the challenges and direction of reform in these aspects. Mr. Portalatin said that Mercer is an internationalized HR consulting service provider and has rich experience in HR management. Mercer was willing to strengthen cooperation with SASAC and Chinese central SOEs to help enterprises in their growth. Mr. Guo Jianxin pointed out that Chinese central SOEs need the experience of HR management offered by companies like Mercer in the process of establishing a market-oriented HR mechanism to deal with challenges in deepening reform and going global.