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The SAIC issued a notification for China (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone Conduct Parallel Import Car Pilot in January, 2015. This policy allows certain dealers to import vehicles directly from overseas without authorization from any particular carmaker. Therefore, parallel import cars market is rapidly becoming the focus of whole automotive industry. In response to the call of national policy, in the end of year of 2015, Hantrong Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, the subsidiary of CHTC was established with brand name as “Hengtian imported car”; devoted to invest 2 billion RMB for the building of an integrated e-commerce business service platform characterized by B2B2C supply chain of importing cars (www.hengtianche.com).
Hantrong Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, relies on the competitive strength of well-financed central enterprises background, absorbs the global elites from automotive industry to set up a professional, efficient team. Our company introduces a new marketing model for parallel imported car, B2B2C. This model means oversea distributors sale vehicles directly to Chinese end-users via Domestic E-commerce Service Company, which provide integrated services including car license registration, insurance, maintenance, repairing and after-sale services. Meanwhile making best use of the updated automotive importing policy, we will set up the automotive supply chain e-commerce platform which focusing on “internet, finance and trading” for imported cars, parts and services. Our mission is developing to be the leader of the Chinese automotive marketing and service industry.
In addition, Hantrong Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, will gradually build and improve the integrated business system for the CBU and parts’ importing, sales and service based advanced Automotive Internet, Automotive Internet of related things. We would make use of our own advantages to maximize the integration of domestic and foreign resources, and to create a channel for auto oversea sourcing, port services, vehicle supplying, offline sales and customer service experience center. We are making efforts to develop the imported cars cloud ERP industry supply chain, and promote the process of China’s automotive importing of innovative services.