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SinoEV Tech Co., Ltd locates at 9th Courtyard, Zhonghe Street in Beijing Economic and Technical Development Zone, which is the only development zone authorized by State Department in Beijing city, and the core base of modern manufacture industry of Beijing.
SinoEV Tech develops, manufactures and sells the power assembly system, electrically driven assembly system and vehicle control assembly system of pure electric vehicles and the key components relying on the development technology, integration technology and modularized flexible manufacturing technology of pure electric vehicles, provides products, technologies and services for transit buses, special vehicles and passenger cars. It is a high-tech enterprise in Beijing Zhongguancun.
The founders of SinoEV Tech have been involved in pure electric vehicle industry for ten years, and the company has developed strong capability of product research and development, marketing and sale, and resource integration in EU countries with two strategies including resource integration and independent innovation; also established a technical team and management team with strong innovation consciousness and pragmatic work style in China, and primarily formed a highly competitive technical structure, product structure and business operation mode.
SinoEV Tech aims to become a outstanding developer, manufacturer and service provider of pure electric vehicle assembly system, electrically driven assembly system, and vehicle control assembly system, and turn into a practitioner providing sustainable urban transportation solutions for people.
SinoEV Tech aims to build up an industrialization platform of pure electric vehicle integration technology, continuously develop and improve, introduce innovation technologies and solutions, then become a provider of innovation in the industrialization of new energy automobile technology.
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