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Beijing Huayuan Life Tech-Trading Development Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Huayuan Life) is a company engaged in business related to olive products and Omega Health. Taking a broad and long-term view, the company has been following the operation philosophy for a sustainable development and striving to realize high goals. It adopts a management mode featuring combination of on-line and off-line operations as well as agencies and specialty stores. So far, it has set up an integrated marketing network and established a supplier system consisting of a number of excellent olive oil producers in the Mediterranean countries centering on Greece to guarantee the quality of olive oil products.
In addition to introduction of olive oil products, the company has developed a variety of health care products using olive oil and olive as basic elements. These products include the Omega Family health care products and the Lynris cleaning and care products. It is now working hard for the further promotion of the Omega products. In recent years, based on the construction of the marketing network for olive oil products, the company also introduced a great number of high-quality products from foreign countries, including red wines from France and raisins and honeys from Greece. In this way, the product categories are enriched.
The company has a group of experts and scholars with authority and influence home and abroad. It is a member of China Vegetable Oil Industry Association, a vice chairman unit of the Scientific Committee of Aging and Antiaging of Gerontological Society of China, a honorary director unit of the Famous Chef Special Committee of China Cuisine Association and a member of China Chain Store & Franchise Association. It spares no efforts to contribute to the health care of the Chinese people.
Worldbest Life is now developing toward a domestic top-class professional health care product supplier boasting innovation, high quality and professional services.
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