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   Hantrong Investment Co., Ltd which is the wholly-owned subsidiary to China Hi-Tech Group Corporation, was established in 1996. It is a multiple comprehensive holding enterprise which is based on international trade business, brand management and venture investment. Currently own several subsidiary wholly-owned, holding and joint-stock company, such as Hantrong (Hong Kong) Limited, Beijing Huayuan Life Tech-Trading Development Co., Ltd, Chifeng Huayuan Wool Industry Co., Ltd. and SinoEV Tech Co., Ltd. It is one of the main enterprise of textile trade business segment of China Hi-Tech Group Corporation.
The strategy of the the company is: brand emphasized, quality guranteed, service upgraded, export oriented, limited diversified.
In the next few years, company will adhere to the “trade and venture” strategy, “products plus capital” business idea and “lightweight structures and brand management” business development model, to achieve comprehensive optimization and moderate expansion of existing international trade business, innovate business model, continuously strengthen and improve own products and brand management, actively seeking new business growth point, and create conditions to carry out instrial-based venture investment. Company will make great efforts to achieve “assets capitalization and capital securitization” capital operation target, then try to become the professional venture investment platform of the textile trading segment of China Hi-Tech Group.
Trade and investment are the two core business of the company.
Trade is company’s basic business.According to the different line of business, it can divided into agricultural products, textile products and petrochemical products. It formed “big, professional and specialized” operation model. After nearly 20 years development, and adhering to the “sustainable, steady, positive” business philosophy, our trade business set up an operaion platform with domestic and abroad linkage, and build a highly effective professional management team. In recent years, with our business operation scale continuously extended and the profitabitity continuously improved, the company developed rapidly.
Agricultural products and byproducts trade business is the key business of the company, it mainly including fish meal distiller dried grains with soluble (DDGS), cassava starch, rapeseed meal, meat and bone meal, tallow oil, vegetable oil, soybean, whey powder, lactose, cowhide, sheepskin, frozen meat and other products. With taking the bulk trade as basic mode, combined with the different characters of the products and fully using all kinds of effective means to expand the operation scale, this business quickly formed the comparative advantage. According to the customs data in 2013, some products’ quantity imported by our company have been one of the biggest in the domestic profession. Among them, the whey powder, with 10% market share, ranking fifth; DDGS, with market share of 5%, ranking the tenth; Uruguay meat bone meal, with market share of 45%, ranking the first; Uruguay tallow oil, with 100% market share, is the domestic number one importer.
Textile products trade business is the traditional business of the company, it includes acrylic, carbon fiber, cotton, wool, nylon, polyester, home textile, viscose, PTA and other products. As the professional service and brand agents be the main form business model, it has set up a professional management team and a relatively stable customer group. Part of the operating varieties such as acrylic, carbon fiber has a large proportion in the market segment, among them, the sole agent of AKSA carbon fiber product's market share reached 11%, is the largest domestic carbon fiber trader.
Petrochemical products trading business is the company's new business, mainly including acrylonitrile, acetone, bisphenol A, ethylene glycol, plastic, sulphur, crude oil, product oil, mixed aromatics, asphalt and other products. On the basis of franchising and expanding relevant products, this business try to form the new profit growth point of the company's business trade.
Investment business is the core business of the company, it started with industry investment, gradually developed into venture investment which based on industrial investment, finally realize the“assets capitalization and capital securitization” capital operation target. Current investment involves wool textile, life health and pure electric vehicles areas. We own Chifeng Huayuan Wool Industry Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: Chifeng Wool Industry), Beijing Huayuan Life Tech-Trading Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Huayuan Life), SinoEV Tech Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: SinoEV) and other nearly 10 subsidiary companies.
Chifeng Wool Industry located in Inner Mongolia Chifeng city, Covering an area of 330000 square meters, and a construction area of 380000 square meters, own 1500 staffs, 25000 worsted spindles and 50000 knitting yarn spindles. The annual production capacity of worsted and woollen fabrics is 5 million meters; produce wool knitting yarn 12000 tons and generate electricity 36 million KWH annually. It is a large combined corporation consists of worsted, woolen, weaving yarn and cogeneration. The main products are the highest grade men's clothing, business wear and other fine worsted wool and wool yarn, etc. The company's highest grade men's clothing fabrics occupied a place in the domestic high-end clothing market.
Huayuan Life is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Hantrong, it is one of the enterprise that frist import olive oil to china. Brand management is the core business model in this company. It mainly engaged in import olive oil, red wine, honey and raisins, also development and produce cosmetics health products which use olive oil as substrate. Its own brand products including "Worldbest Life", "Minos", "li Rui Si," and so on.With imports of olive oil in the domestic market share has been more than 20%, it is the nation's largest olive oil distributors and manufacturers.
SinoEV is designed to be excellent pure electric vehicles and pure electric powertrain system manufacture facilitator, and be able to provide solutions in the field of sustainable development of urban traffic. As a high and new technology enterprise in Beijing city, the company headquarter is located in Beijing economic and technical development zone (Yi Zhuang), At home and abroad, SinoEV has entered the pure electric car industry for nearly 10 years. With the core of the leading domestic pure electric cars - SanDian system complete sets of technology and products, it also has an annual output of 100000 pure electric passenger cars, 10000 pure electric city buses and 200000 set of pure electric power drive assembly production capacity. In 2012, Hantrong increased the investment for SinoEV, and became its influential shareholder and investor.


   On January 2016, China Hi-Tech Group Corporation increased registered capital get to 292.4 million yuan to Hantrong Investment Co., Ltd.
On December 2015, China Hi-Tech Group Corporation increased registered capital get to 272.4 million yuan to Hantrong Investment Co., Ltd.
On October 2013, China Hi-Tech Group Corporation increased registered capital get to 242.4 million yuan to Hantrong Investment Co., Ltd.
On January 2013, Hantrong Investment Co., Ltd established Hantrong (Hong Kong) Limited.
On July 2012, China Hi-Tech Group Corporation increased registered capital get to 232 million yuan to Hantrong Investment Co., Ltd.
On May 2012, Hantrong Investment Co., Ltd increase capital for SinoEV Tech Co., Ltd, and became shareholder of SinoEV Tech Co., Ltd.
On December 2010, China Hi-Tech Group Corporation increased registered capital get to 212 million yuan to Hantrong Investment Co., Ltd.
On October 2008, China Hi-Tech Group Corporation increased registered capital get to 203.8 million yuan to Hantrong Investment Co., Ltd.
On July 2007, Company changed name to Hantrong Investment Co., Ltd, and achieved capital increase. The registered capital get to 146.8 million yuan.
On May 2007, Company set up Beijing Wen Shi Bao Science and Technology Ltd, and carried out thin floor heating system’s development.
On March 2007, company and part of subsidiary company regrouped into China Hi-Tech Group Corporation, and became wholly-owned subsidiary to CHTC.
On May 2004, in accordance with China Worldbest Group International Company Limited’s overall strategy requirements, our company implemented assets and business integration with China Hi-Tech investment development Co., Ltd who is the subsidiary company of CWGC, and entered into medicine and IT area. Our company became a comprehensive enterprise which mainly industry is high and new technology, after purchased Northern Medicine Industry Co., Ltd, China Worldbest Medicine Industry Co., Ltd, Beijing Worldbest photo-electron science and technology Co., Ltd, Beijing Worldbest East Software Co., Ltd and Beijing Mu He Yu Electronics Co., Ltd nearly 10 companies.
On November 2002, company purchased Beijing Bo Hong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, then constructed “Worldbest Champion City” real estate project. It is marked company already formed the scale of the real estate business management ability.
On December 2001, company set up Beijing Huayuan Life Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd, then entered into life industry. It became leading enterprise in domestic, after create “Hua Yuan Life”, “Minos”, and many other edible olive oil brand.
On October, company set up Beijing Huayuan Yatai Chemical construction Co., Ltd, then entered into chemical building materials business, and created “Hua Yuan Heating Floor” brand image.
On August 1996, company set up Beijing Huayuan Real Estate Development Co., Ltd, and entered into real estate industry.
On March 1996, China Worldbest Group International Company limited joint a number of units in the textile industry, and light industry invested 58 million yuan to set up Beijing Huayuan Yatai High-Tech Co., Ltd ( the company’s predecessor, hereinafter referred to as: the company), which mainly industry is high industry investment and international trade.

   Zhou Laquan  Secretary of party committee, executive director, master degree. Join company in 2018. 
Dong Jingwei   Company general manager, vice secretary of party committee, MBA, senior engineer. Join company in 2000.
Wang Jiuxue   Company deputy general manager, secretary of the commission for discipline inspection, technical and economic MBA, senior economist. Join company in 1999.
Zhang Bin   Company deputy general manager. Bachelor degree. Join company in 2001.
He Huade   Company deputy general manager, master of economics and trade. Join company in 2004.
Bai Xueyin   Company deputy general manager, general manager of No.6 trade department, master degree, senior economist, international business operator. Join company in 2009.
Xu Jianqin   Chief accountant, master degree. Join company in 2018.
Lu Xin   Deputy chief accountant, financial department manager, graduated from college, certified public accountants. Join company in 2000.
Tian Dawei   General manager assistant in company, general manager of No.8 trade department, bachelor degree. Join company in 2011.

    Journey of reform and opening-up, verified the footprint of the Hantrong Investment people. As the years elapse and cumulative, Hantrong Investment people went through too many hardships and glory, so that today ‘s Hantrong Investment appears wise, gentle, open and confident, and as her market means, dedicated to people is a mature, but also a vision.
Walk Through the import and export trade, diversified operation, materialization transformation and specialization management development stage, is because Hantrong Investment people are brave in explor and serious in practice. Hantrong Investment has already became a strong market competition strength enterprise from a youngster which was born in 18 years ago.
Hantrong Investment always adhere to faithful as the business principle, and aggressiveness, take advantage of an opportunity, efforts to create a good performance in development, finally has rapid and steady growth. In recent years, we have to force in enterprise\'s long-term development, and built a specialized business management model,also formed the trade combined with venture capital investment development pattern. Our business covers the trade, textile, life health, electric cars and other fields. We already has a strong competitive advantage in the related fields.
As a member of Hantrong Investment, we are proud, however at the same time, we feel a great responsibility to carry on this sacred mission.We full of gratitude when we get good results, and express our heartfelt gratitude for the people who have given care, help and support to us!
In future’s development, we will be adhering to "constant quality, creative life" commitment from Hantrong Investment, and continue to forge ahead, adhere to prudent management of steadfast attitude. We will realize a new span, in the new starting point.


   Hantrong Logo

The meaning of Hantrong Logo
Hantrong Logo is the carrier that reflect the value of the company philosophy, it clearly expresses the mission that Hantrong “let people have more outstanding products”. No matter now or in the future, pursuit of excellence quality is Hantrong’s basic goal when operation.
“Hantrong” is innovative combination of “nationality and strong” in English words, it strong showing Hantrong people want to ascending humans life by create quality products. It represents Hantrong’s core power of development.
“Compass in ancient China” is an important invention for the Chinese explore dream, it represents the guidance of target and a clear direction. It also brings unique opportunity for Hantrong’s future development, and Hantrong’s attic faith will lay a foundation for our future development.
“Gold” is the basic color for Hantrong’s image, and also represent Hantrong people’s quality goals. "Blue" on behalf of the science and technology, is the way that Hantrong people to achieve high quality products. Let high-quality products and quality life be seamless connection, requires scientific rigorous creative spirit, after this can enhance the quality of human life.
Compass is Hantrong’s mark,which bring strong value cohesion and sense of responsibility to employees, fully embodies Hantrong’s comprehensive innovation of determination and value orientation.
Hantrong people will reflect their pursuit and dream through the brand.

   Enterprise mission
Maintain assets appreciation, reflect social benefits, realize the maximization of the value of shareholders and employees.
Enterprise positioning
Brand emphasized, Quality guranteed, Service upgraded, Export oriented, Limited diversified
Enterprise spirit
Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Harmony
- Integrity: honest and trustworthy, establish career by honest,perform for real through honest.
- Innovation: keep to innovation, keep forging ahead, constantly developing.
- Excellence: pursuit excellent, perfect technology and high quality, customer first.
- Harmony: harmonious coexistence, progress with unity and generosity.
Constant quality, innovation life style.
Management Philosophy
Insist specialization under diversification, advocating people-oriented, quality first, integrity management.